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Program Descriptions

At Pine Hills Learning Place we understand that infancy is a time of rapid development. In the infant classroom we provide a warm and loving environment.

  • Physical needs are taken care of promptly, following the child’s cues for individual preferences in food, sleep patterns and stimulation.

  • While meeting the physical needs, the staff talk, sing, and play with each infant.

  • Infants are given room to move and explore in safe surroundings.

  • Teachers provide daily written communication about feeding, diapering, napping and other daily activities. We work closely with families to assure continuity of care between home and our program.


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We recognize that toddlers are striving to be self-reliant. The toddler rooms are designed to offer a safe, secure and loving environment where the children engage in challenging and meaningful activities at their own pace.

  • Toddlers learn through exploration, observation and play. Opportunities are provided for pretending, participating in small groups and playing by themselves throughout the day.

  • Large motor experiences are provided indoors and outdoors in a safe environment.

  • Many opportunities for small motor development are offered. Toddlers explore using hands and fingers in a variety of age-appropriate activities.

  • Toddlers have opportunities to experience songs, books, finger plays, and interactive games. The children are read to individually and in small groups. Books are always accessible for independent exploration.

  • Daily communication is provided.


Learn more about our FD Education curriculum for Toddlers


In the preschool classrooms, the children learn to be a cooperative part of the group. Teachers help children learn to respect others and to work as a team, fostering a sense of community within the classroom.

  • Activities are planned to provide opportunities and experiences that incorporate large group and small group time. Curriculum content areas include math, science, literacy, technology, social studies and the arts. These are not isolated areas of learning. Instead, teachers develop projects that expand children’s skills and knowledge across disciplines, creating an integrated curriculum.

  • Materials that support fine-motor and large-motor development are offered. Well supervised physical activity is offered through the day. Dance, exercise, games and playing on the playground equipment promotes large-motor coordination. Fine-motor dexterity is attained through learning self-help skills, experimenting with writing and mastering small manipulatives.

  • Language and literacy is developed through conversational experiences, through teachers reading books aloud during large group time and in individualized settings daily and through classroom environments rich in print.


Learn more about our Creative Curriculum curriculum for Preschool classrooms


The pre-kindergarten classroom environment is more structured than our preschool classrooms. Learning takes place through a variety of hand-on experiences and exploration.

  • Children are encouraged to begin understanding how they fit into the classroom, the community and their world. This is done by providing children the opportunity to participate in classroom decisions and plan classroom activities.

  • Language and literacy skills at this level include having access to various types of books, including storybooks, factual books, number and letter books. Conversations about the content of a book, discussions about linking books to other aspects of the curriculum and adding new words to increase vocabulary are provided by the teachers.

  • Daily opportunities are offered to fine tune large-motor skills and explore creative expression through dance, music and art.

  • Our pre-kindergarten program focuses on kindergarten readiness in a developmentally appropriate environment.

  • Community involvement is encouraged through field trips and special visitors

  • Our prekindergarten teachers meet with kindergarten teachers from our local school district Schools to insure that our students are prepared for kindergarten.

Learn More about our Opening the World of Learning curriculum for PreKindergarten classrooms

Before and After School Care

Children are taken to school and picked up either on their school’s bus or on one of the Pine Hills Learning Place’s 7 buses. We know that the children have spent a very structured day, working hard at school. Here they eat a healthy snack, and choose between active play or quiet activites with their friends.

  • Transportation to and from area elementary schools

  • Fleet of 5 buses

  • Planned themes and activities

  • Healthy breakfast before school and nutritious snack after school

  • Full Size Gym

  • Supervised homework

  • Open for all school closure days except 6 major holiday with activities and field trips planned to keep the children safe and engaged

  • Available for school delays and closures

Summer Day Camp

Summer camp gives children in grades Kindergarten-6th grade an active, memorable and fun summer.

  • Field trips designed for learning and fun

  • Gym – Many sports & games are planned including basketball, kickball, soccer, relay races, & much more! Our emphasis is on teamwork and sportsmanship.

  • We believe that music & movement are essential for developing young minds. We offer a variety of musical experiences such as: talent shows, dance contests, lip sync battles, chapel and much more!

  • Plug the Summer Brain Drain – Research shows that children lose 1-2 months of educational skills during the summer. We offer enrichment activities to keep the children’s minds active and not running on empty when school resumes.


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Private Kindergarden
Before & After School Care
Summer Day Camp
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